To all the ‘woke’ brigade of snowflakes, it’s time for a day off | Rebecca Jane

His Royal Highness, Prince Philip has died... rather sadly, on the day of his death we were all reminded once again of the vile pool of sharks circulating on social media and what a cruel place it can be.

Wednesday, 14th April 2021, 12:30 pm
Updated Wednesday, 14th April 2021, 1:52 pm
Rebecca Jane

How did you feel when your husband of 70+ years died, your father, even your ever loving grand father? Would you have been delighted to switch on a computer, head to social media and seeing tens of thousands of people abusing your lost relative? No, you wouldn’t. No one would. Not even a Royal.

The problem with social media and the ‘woke’ bridge of snowflakes that adorn our society today is that they think that only their opinion matters. They don’t care when they voice it, how they voice it or whomever they hurt or upset in the process. They just HAVE to be heard!

Personally, I’ve had enough and it is time to tell those people... to ‘have a day off’.

Prince Philip came from a generation of people that spoke their mind, they were sharp, abrupt, honest and often they lacked tact.

They said insulting comments. I can’t condone it, but it is what it is. We cannot go back in time and change history. Sure, we don’t like some of the things he had to say and we will forever strive to change opinions of the past, but what good is ranting about that on the day of his death?

My grandfather was an amazing man. He was born in Burnley. His mother passed away before he hit his teenage years, and was virtually brought up by the Salvation Army.

Due to that he had the kindest heart, he fiercely protected his family and would have given anything to provide a better life for all of us.

He certainly did that and we wanted for absolutely nothing. He served in the Royal Navy, he accompanied Lord Mountbatten when he resigned India away from the United Kingdom and he was loyally devoted and married to my Gran for 72 years. He was the generation of men that quite honestly, I doubt exist today.

He had a lot of similarities to the Duke of Edinburgh. I didn’t like some of his opinions, they made me shudder, but that never took away the beautiful soul behind the man.

Grandad passed away last year. I was heartbroken. I remember driving to his care home in the early hours of the morning after being told of his passing, to see my grandad one last time and I streaming with tears.

I was incredibly proud of my grandfather and all he achieved as just a normal working man from Burnley. If I got home and turned on my computer to some of the abuse I have seen about Prince Philip over the last couple of days, I don’t know how I would have taken it.

What good is ranting on social media about a person who has died? Who does it help? Why is it SO important for that voice to be heard? Those are just some of the many questions I have for the society we live in who think they’re so ‘woke’.

I fail to understand why it is ok for a certain group of people to claim that we need to be ‘culturally educated’ and all the other buzz words they want to use this week.

I would like to see THEM ‘culturally educate’ themselves and have some respect for generations of the past. We cannot change history, so just stop trying. We can change the future, focus on that! Anyone ranting on social media, on the day a much loved 99 year old man has died is changing NOTHING.

So, to any snow flake member of our current society.

Please, just for once, silence yourselves. You don’t have to do it forever, a day maybe, ideally a couple of weeks. Let the poor man be laid to rest, let his family grieve and celebrate all that he achieved.

If you truly want to re-write our history books with the negative things he said or did, please don’t forget to include all his incredible achievements too!

Just have a day off because It is not all about you!