The 'woke' movement are going to allow schoolchildren to identify as fish | Rebecca Jane column

At what point did common sense go down the toilet? Because it has…and I’ll kick off by throwing a cat amongst some pigeons and tell you, I am identifying as a flamingo.

If you don’t recognise me as said flamingo, I am going to kick off, create a protest, tell you that you’re wrong and pretend I have been a flamingo since my birth.

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Men, women, trans, gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, homo-flexible, mix all the genders together if you like, create a new one – I don’t care, I support and champion every single person, human or flamingo, whatever they identify as.

Rebecca JaneRebecca Jane
Rebecca Jane
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Be whomever you like, embrace it, live your best darn life. Life is too short to be constrained to a social belief or do whatever someone else thinks is right or wrong. Be happy!

But men are born men, women are born women…and a flamingo, is born, a flamingo.

There are a movement of people who have left the rest of the world scared to death to speak the truth. Over the pride weekend, the police intervened in a lesbian protest and evicted the lesbians from their own pride weekend.

What were they protesting about? People who were born male, that now identify as women are offended and protesting because lesbians do not want to date them. The group of lesbians were protesting because they are being attacked, gas lit and chastised for speaking out. They want people to recognise what they are going through, all for turning down a person that was biologically born male.

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With a lot of people, it is considered almost criminal to say a person who has now transitioned was born a different gender to their current identity. We must act as though this person was born the gender they now identify as. In other words, we must gaslight anyone we come into conversation with.

I can’t begin to imagine starting an argument or begin to protest because someone refuses to date me. What is wrong with accepting that we’re not going to be everyone’s cup of tea? it’s not even about gender, what you were born as, or whatever you identify as now. It’s about human choice, that should be respected. Forget your gender, you could be the most beautiful human on the earth, you could be blue, pink or even a troll – if they don’t want to date you, they don’t want to date you!

When are we going to stop this allowing this crazy behaviour? When are we going to take a step back and see we’ve let common sense go too far down the drain? Why are the police stepping into something that is entirely not their business, having a problem with a group of women that are voicing their concern they don’t want to date some people…the police should have taken the exact opposite action! We are a nation where free speech is allowed, and it’s being forgotten.

We’ve all become scared to stand up for common sense.

Pride is supposed to be the ultimate display of inclusivity, and this year, it had the entirely opposite effect.

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If we don’t take a stand now. I give it five years before a school child is allowed to identify as a fish, and we will be expected to refer to them as a fish!

Personally, I won’t be discounting the journey any human has been on to become what they are today. I will be celebrating the stigma, prejudice, painful emotions and trauma that they will have overcome to change their gender. I won’t however be gaslit into pretending they have been that gender since birth.

I will wholeheartedly support whatever gender they identify as today, but I will always stand up for free speech and common sense. I also hate to disappoint, but shan’t be transitioning to a flamingo any time soon either! I was born female, and if in five years I want to identify as a flamingo, I will still have ALWAYS been born female.

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