Stub out this campaign!

I have a great deal of sympathy for cigarette smokers, after all I was one for many, many years.

Wednesday, 22nd October 2014, 7:00 am
A smoker

For the last seven years, smokers have been barred from indulging in their habit in confined public spaces.

That has been a catalyst for many to actually kick the habit which is news that must be welcomed by everyone.

But now there is a campaign to actually ban people from smoking in open public spaces.

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Parks and public footpaths would become a no-no.

Presumably town centres would be as well.

Golfers, anglers and anyone else enjoying the great outdoors could be prohibited from lighting up.

In fact, taken to a logical conclusion, this campaign could lead to smoking anywhere accept the confines of your own home becoming illegal.

I have a clear view on this latest nonsense.

Smoking is not currently illegal and until it is, the 2007 legislation goes far enough.

If you are in a public open space and someone’s cigarette smoke annoys you, move on.

Treat it as the same as someone playing loud music which offends you or someone else canoodling with their partner while enjoying the sunshine.

I you don’t like it, don’t put up with it.

But unless it is illegal there is little or nothing else you can do about it.

I have clearly read all the health warnings about cigarette smoking.

I have seen all the horrific pictures about what it can do to people’s bodies.

I know how badly smoking-related cancers affect people , their families and their friends.

And I know how many millions of pounds the NHS would save each year if it did not have to treat people who have illnesses which are directly related to them smoking cigarettes.

It is, after all, a stupid habit that I am glad I no longer indulge in.

But, it is not illegal.

If you saw someone enjoying a glass of wine with a picnic in a park would you wave your arms in horror and ask for it to be banned.

Of course not. Why not? It is not illegal.