Royal family is a great asset to UK

The news that King Juan Carlos of Spain has decided to abdicate and allow Crown Prince Felipe to reign in his place has fuelled speculation as to whether the same thing could – or in some people’s eyes should – happen in this country.

Thursday, 26th June 2014, 10:00 pm
Queen Elizabeth II. Photo: David Cheskin/PA Wire

There have even been some suggesting that if the Queen should decide to step down after 62 years on the throne, her successor should not be Prince Charles, her immediate heir, but his son Prince William.

This is, of course. media led because William, his wife Kate and baby Prince George are much more supported by them than Charles and his wife Camilla, with him being disliked over the way he separated from another media favourite, the late Princess Diana.

But, despite her 88 years, the Queen shows no signs of wishing to abdicate, and neither has Prince Charles indicated he would be willing to stand aside and let William ascend to the throne.

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And whoever succeeds the Queen and how it comes about, there will be the anti-monarchy republicans who will emerge from under their stones and call for this country to have a president as its figurehead.

This is something that must be resisted.

The Royal household is one of this country’s greatest tourist attractions, both at home and abroad.

A president would not command the same respect, and any thoughts of this country going down that road should therefore be dispensed with.