Review: Cool-headed Laura Woods keeps Roy Keane under control to emerge as the star of this 'unusual' World Cup

You may not have noticed, but over in the middle of a desert there’s a World Cup going on and the television has gone a bit mad.

This may be the first World Cup held in the November, and in the Middle East, and with the stadiums all within a Harry Maguire headed clearance of each other, but the two UK free-to-air broadcasters haven’t changed the way they do things.

There are still the ex-pro pundits, the odd foreign import, the open-necked shirt golf club bar vibe.

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However, you may have spotted some subtle differences between the two channels. ITV, for example, seem to have forgotten some chairs, so some of their presentation is done standing up round a horseshoe table. The BBC, meanwhile, are cosily ensconced in a studio, seats for everyone.

ITV's Laura Woods has starred at the World Cup

Neither channel has shied away from the unpleasant taste this tournament leaves in the mouth, with the BBC foregoing the opening ceremony for a backgrounder on the cost – in all senses of the word – of FIFA staging the World Cup in Qatar.

Over on ITV, meanwhile, Roy Keane has emerged from whichever cabin in the woods he has been hiding and seems volcanically angry about finding himself in Doha. He has been forthright in condemning the decision, and Graeme Souness takes delight in winding him up and watching him fly.

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Laura Woods – which will come as no surprise if you watch The NFL Show – handles the sparks well and is the stand-out star of the show.

Gabby Logan, Mark Chapman and Gary Lineker front the BBC Sport presentation team for the coverage of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

Unfortunately, you can’t help but feel that FIFA, however much condemnation they get, will see this whole exercise as a success – after all, we’re watching, aren’t we?

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