No one around to catch those who flout motoring laws

Road safety legislation is made with the best intentions.

Wednesday, 26th March 2014, 9:00 pm

How we drive in our cars is obviously of paramount importance to ourselves, other road users and pedestrians.

But who is responsible for the enforcement of these rules?

Take mobile phones, for example.

It is rare to drive or walk around these days without seeing someone with one hand on the steering wheel of their car and their mouth going 19 to the dozen while they clutch a mobile device in the other. Very few are brought to justice.

And then there is the 20mph sped limit through Colne town centre.

Especially in an evening, when Mr Pendle is most frequently around the area, many drivers flout the limit to excess safe in the knowledge there is no one around to enfortce it, despite the police station being a stone’s throw away.

And now we have the banning of smoking in cars when children are present.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

And yet when the MP who came up with the idea was asked by a representative of smoking group FOREST about enforcement on the radio the other day, he did not have an answer.

He just hoped people would comply.

Fat chance of that.

As we say, it sounds like a good idea, yes.

But what it comes to the real world, it cannot work and therefore is a waste of everyone’s time, money and effort.