MR PENDLE: Time footballers stopped throwing their toys out of the pram

The football season is thankfully over.

No more managers whingeing about what they see as incompetent referees - yet failing to realise that more often than not, the 50-50 decisions they complain about fall in their favour.

No more players voicing their four-letter displeasures at match officials for penalising them for blatant fouls or, even worse, mouthing obscenities into television cameras - and then offering humble apologies a few hours later.

No TV pictures of managers chewing gum or players spittng on the pitch as they are substituted.

And no more players performing childish dance routines on the touchline after scoring a goal so easily that their grandmother could have scored it.


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So what can be done to improve things for the 2011/2012 season?

For starters, will the Premier League and the FA announce that players who harangue and abuse referees in future will face automatic six-game suspensions - with the threat of increased punishments if they do it again?

Will they announce that clubs who allow their players to behave in such a manner will face a points deduction - and again say the penalties will be increased for repeat offences?

It would be nice to think so - but you can bet your bottom dollar they will not for fear of incurring the wrath of the perpetrators, and so we will see the whole sad scenario kick off all over again in three short months, and the toys will come hurtling out of the prams of the cry-baby big club losers the first time they are not given a penalty or one is given against them.


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Friday the 13th was meant to be the most unlucky day of the year.

That is, of course, if you believe in that sort of superstitious tosh, which Mr Pendle certainly does not.

The gullible people who allow themselves to fall for this sort of bunkum are usually the same kind as those who believe in astrology.

Mr Pendle is not one of them.


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He did nothing any differently last Friday to any other day of the year.

And as far as astrology is concerned, why do so many different astrologers predict different things for the same day - and which do we believe? The ones which predict good news - or the ones which say things will not be quite so good?

Mr Pendle believes none of them - and until one says someone will be knocked down by a bus and correctly foretells the future, will continue to do so.