At last – someone on our side

Clitheroe Residents’ Action Group welcomes the news of a legal challenge against the decision to surround Standen Hall with 1,040 houses.

Members of the Clitheroe Residents Action Group gather outside the town hall to show their anger over the councils decision not to appeal the Planning Inspectorate's decsion.

I’m sure most Clitheroe residents will applaud the attempt by Newclose Properties Ltd to halt the building of this carbuncle of an estate on the edge of our town.

For the first time in a long while it appears somebody is siding with local residents instead of consistently ignoring them.

Hundreds of townsfolk objected to this application, and more than 2,000 signed a petition against the Standen super estate. RVBC chose to ignore all those local voices.

Of the village councillors who voted in favour, only two had the courage of their convictions to explain how they had arrived at a decision. I can only assume the rest adopted a sheep mentality!

This is the same planning committee who gave permission for Aldi to build a new supermarket on Whalley Road – or did they?

It is true permission was granted, but with a proviso that an access road had to be built on land Aldi does not own.

I’m not sure how that’s possible, but perhaps RVBC planning department has come up with a new tactic. Grant planning permission, but add an unachievable extra requirement.

What a pity it didn’t think of that before all our green open space disappeared.

On average the new Aldi store will have around 100 people shopping at any one time, with 50-60 cars on the car park. The new 1,040 Standen Estate will have over 3,000 residents and 2,000 cars.

Here’s the anomaly. Both applicants are required to provide two accesses. If Aldi requires two entrances, the super estate surely requires many more. Apparently not in the eyes of RVBC!

Waddow View raises its ugly head again with a revised plan to satisfy the inspector who refused an initial application. A decision arrived at after RVBC got cold feet and bailed out of the appeal process, leaving local residents took up the gauntlet.

Our three local landowners are still very keen to line their pockets by building another 275 houses, but will, of course, offer the obligatory “consultation” at which residents will reiterate there is no requirement for any further housing.

This message will be completely ignored and the application put forward. The question is: will the Core Strategy be in place before the application is submitted? If it is, we have been led to believe it will save us from this type of opportunistic application. If it’s not – why not?

I wish Newclose Properties Ltd every success with its attempt to stop Standen Estates destroying what is left of our countryside.

Whilst I’m sure it will have every angle covered, if CRAG can be of any assistance along the way we would be only too pleased to help. After all they might listen to us!

Oh and by the way, still no sign of a public meeting on the Core Strategy or any other housing issues!

Come on Coun Hill, less bluster and more information please.