Jody Latham column: I will be wearing a mask to protect those around me

I completely get it. Masks are uncomfortable, don’t feel natural and can add a great sense of anxiety.
Jody LathamJody Latham
Jody Latham

But I can’t help but think that if we don’t wear masks now, the consequences are going to be massive. I know first hand how horrible having Covid-19 is, having caught it a couple of months ago.

I was one of the lucky ones and know that if I was a bit older or had any health complications, it could have been far worse for me.

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I’ve been delivering PPE to care homes all around Burnley since the pandemic started and have seen how devastating the impact is on individuals and their families.

I won’t be wearing a mask to protect myself or because I think it looks good, I will be wearing one to protect those around me and doing my bit to try and get us back to normal as quickly as possible.

Shameless has got me nostalgic

Shameless is now on Netflix and I’ve never felt so old! Apart from that, it’s so good that the show is now available for a new, younger audience.

It’s crazy to think it first came out 16 years ago and how relevant a lot of the themes still are today.

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Not sure about you but I’ve been going heavy on nostalgic TV and music these past few months - anything that can give me a bit of familiarity and take me back to a time when all this wasn’t going on.

My daughter is far too young to watch Shameless but it’s been great to show her a quick clip (usually with the sound muted)! of when daddy first started working on TV.

Not sure it’s going to replace Peppa Pig anytime soon but it’s lovely to take a little trip down memory lane with her and maybe the only good thing to come from lockdown has been us spending so much time together as a family, especially now I’ve moved back to Pendle.