Is it selfish to have a baby in older life? | Rebecca Jane

Rebecca Jane is head of Group Operations at the PH7 GroupRebecca Jane is head of Group Operations at the PH7 Group
Rebecca Jane is head of Group Operations at the PH7 Group
Naomi Campbell is 51. Yesterday she announced she has had a baby girl, via surrogate.

The question is, is it selfish to have a baby in later life?

Let’s check out both sides of this argument.

Personally, I grew up with parents older than most. My parents were 36 when they had me, making them slightly older than most. Which is rather normal by today’s standards, but not back in the 1980’s. I grew up with a huge fear of my parents dying, and I still carry the fear to this day. It is within all children’s instinct to worry about their safety and ability to survive.

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Being acutely aware that your parents are older than most of your friends parents, can often lead to that fear.

It used to be a common feeling that I wished they had me earlier in life, just because I wanted more time with them and never want them to leave my life.

Over the last couple of days I have seen a lot of comments from people with older parents that had similar feelings to myself, but not all that I personally share in.

They hated their parents being constantly tired to do activities with their child, I’ve even seen people being ‘angry’ with their parents for dying when they were young, due to old age!

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If we flip the coin, being born into older parents does have some upsides too.

They’re more financially secure, careers are coming to an end, meaning there’s more quality time to be spent and on the emotional front, most of us understand ourselves a lot better later in life. Our dramatic teenage years are over, turbulent relationships seem to happen less and we have more knowledge and tools under our belt, to handle most situations.

At the end of all of this, only the individual in question can answer if it has been ‘selfish’ to have a child later in life.

There are many people out there clamming Naomi is ‘selfish’. ‘She didn’t want to ruin her model looks by having a baby early on’, ‘She loved her career more than having a child’, ‘She wanted to spend her best years living it up, rather than raising a baby’. I’ve seen ALL the harsh comments today.

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Potentially they are all true, OR. It could be the opposite story. She didn’t want to raise a child that she didn’t have the time to devote to. Naomi wanted to create a secure and stable environment to bring a child into. Getting all her ducks in a row for when the time was right.

Naomi Campbell has decided HER time is right to have her child now, and that is what we all need to respect.

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