If every time a man had sex he risked death, disability and lifelong responsibility, I bet he would want a choice! | Rebecca Jane column

America. The land of the free, unless you’re female.

The land where a bunch of middle aged white men have declared what women need to do with their bodies. The land that declared women unable to make informed decisions for themselves. The land that set themselves back decades!

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Roe v Wade was overturned after 40 years in the American courts last week. That ruling, all those decades ago deemed it was a woman’s constitutional right to decide if she was allowed to have an abortion or not.

Rebecca Jane

I’ve seen a lot of insane reasonings in the legal system, where human rights and common sense are forgotten, in the name of law!

I can hear the justices from all the way across the pond! ‘The constitution does not make specific mention of abortion, therefore, we must outlaw them.’ Your constitution May not make direct reference. However, it also doesn’t say slavery should be abolished, should we bring that back too?! What about racism? There’s no direct mention about that, let it be a free for all! Here’s the one coming next… there’s no mention of gay marriage. I give it 5 years before America outlaws that too!

It’s called modern evolution and the justices have finally lost the plot! Blinded by their tunnel vision of legal ‘perfection.’

Just because the constitution doesn’t make direct reference to abortion, it doesn’t mean it is wrong!

We’re humans! We get things wrong at times, the very essence of a decent human being is to acknowledge our mistakes, learn, evolve, grow and right the wrongs of the past. It is the specific reason we have ‘case law’. Laws of this land are made in the commons, but they are adapted by the cases heard in courts. Times move, people move and attitudes move! We cannot be stuck in the dark ages forever.

Ordering a woman to have a child, when she has been abused, raped, faces life changing consequences or potentially risks death to bring a new life into the world. Who the heck are we to tell her she needs to sacrifice her life for another?

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If you want to talk about ‘law’. The legal principle is that a child does not exist in law until it is born and takes the first breath. Where as a woman is firmly a legal entity in her own right. It would sound, from this ruling, all women are now expected to sacrifice themselves. At what point does that become problematic? A dog is not a legal entity in law. Should women now be forced to sacrifice their life, if it would save a dog?! What about a plant?! The principle is the same. Who decides what or who takes precedent and where do men even come in the conversation?!

I would suggest most women, potentially 99% of the population are not thrilled and delighted to decide upon a termination. Why are we assuming every woman that wants to abort a pregnancy is because she was careless with contraception, entirely heartless and is terminating the unborn child inside her in cold blood?!

Most terminations are life changing, heart wrenching and difficult decisions for any woman. If a woman has made that decision, most women will have done it weighing up both sides, probably going back and forth, and May live with that decision / regret for the rest of the life. She will not be gloating and revelling in it, that’s for sure. I strongly suspect it is her only option and taken as a very desperate last measure!

The hypocrisy where a bunch of middle aged white men tell women what to do with their body is not lost on me. When they sat at that bench and overturned Roe v Wade, what provision did they make to enforce men to play a part in the child’s life?!

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In case anyone missed the memo, it takes two to tango! Yet the man can walk off into the sunset and forget all about the child being brought into the world, and the woman has to birth the child and bring the young life up.

Both parents are equally responsible, but this decision weighs the problem in the corner of one gender, and one gender only! The mother!

My heart breaks. It breaks for the women, who will now have to risk their lives, potentially In child birth, or a dodgy back street abortion clinic! It breaks for the women who will be left with no option but to sacrifice their life, their dreams and their souls for another.

But, do you know who my heart breaks for the most?! The babies, beautiful innocent babies who are brought into this world and for whatever reason, are not wanted.

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It’s a fact that rests very uneasy with me, but it’s factually true. Those children do not deserve to be brought into this world without all the love, admiration and care that they deserve. But a bunch of moronic judges said it was better for them to come into a life where they are not wanted and potentially suffer a life time of hurt.

If you think it can’t happen here, because we’re in the UK - be very careful. We have some idiotic men in our House of Commons currently supporting the step back in American time and calling upon the UK courts to think again! Our current government IS trying to repeal the human rights act after all!

Our current law is on thin ice! 98% of abortions in 2019 and 2020 are signed off by two doctors under the grounds of ‘protecting the mothers mental health’. The only other grounds for termination are substantial risk to the unborn child of physical disability, preventing permanent physical or mental injury to the woman or risking the life of the woman. All far more difficult elements to prove!

If a woman does not get the permission of two doctors to terminate her pregnancy, that’s a life imprisonment sentence coming her way! Abortion, in our legal world, is basically a criminal offence with a couple of loopholes that allow us to continue to make decisions about our own bodies. Like I said - British women are skating on thin ice!

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A survey over decades revealed. In countries where abortion is legal, the procedure decreased by 43%. In countries where it is illegal to have a termination, it increased by 12%. The facts are hard and clear. This insanity ruling will not lower abortion rates, it just lowers safe abortions!

I’m going to leave you with this parting thought. If every time a man had sex he risked death, disability, life altering interruptions to his career or education, and an immediate life-long responsibility for another human… I think they would like a choice in the matter. However, for as long as we have only 24% of court judges that are female, only 8% BAME identification, and ALL except one or two high court judges are below 55… it will predominantly still be left to the middle aged white men, to tell women exactly what they should do or not do with their own bodies