Here are some quick and easy habits to improve makeup

Make Up Doctor Rita Parmar offers tips on maintaining good make up habits.

Improving make up habits
Improving make up habits

We generally start new habits at the beginning of the year around healthy lifestyle. For those of you who stuck to them well done.

We all know it’s easy to fall off the band wagon.

If you didn’t get time to address your skin or make-up here are some quick and easy habits to improve makeup immediately that anyone can get into.

The idea is to give you quick and simple wins that will make a difference.

1. Always cleanse with a liquid at the beginning and end of the day. Not just because of the hygiene reasons to remove dirt and bacteria but so that make-up will also sit smoother the cleaner your skin.

The reason I recommend a liquid over other cleansers is because it’s the most effective way to remove everything. Other types of cleansers can leave traces or oils or residues (don’t panic if you have a different kind of cleanser that you love you can continue to use it but just use a liquid cleanser before you apply make-up)

2. Clean your brushes regularly. So, these amazing tools that fix up your make-up everyday are generally the most neglected product in your make-up bag. The idea of using a brush is so that the product will sit smoother and where it needs to be.

This isn’t going to happen if all the fibres are stuck together or there is excess product on them daily. Schedule a time to wash them once every four to six weeks.

Take a small pump of anti-bacterial handwash, wet the nib of the brush (hold in a downward position in the water stream) and circle the tip into the anti-bacterial wash until it creates soapy suds rinse and repeat until the water runs clear.

3. Hydrate skin. Because of the personal nature of skin everyone will be unique with their needs.

However, if you have a huge skin routine or a non-existent one applying a moisturiser daily will lead to more supple skin which

allows a smoother application of make-up and a more flawless finish.

When it comes to habits, we all have busy lives trying to juggle yet another thing seems to be the least of our priorities but starting with these basics can improve make-up without having to do very much.

If you’re going to change your make-up habits it needs to be simple, easy and achievable. This is exactly what to work on.

If you’ve been wanting to make that change but are struggling and need a little helping hand get in touch and let me help you.