Helping children back into the school routine

Well, the school holidays are very nearly over.

Saturday, 29th August 2015, 5:47 pm
Jo Worgan

We’ve had a lovely summer break and I have mixed emotions about the beginning of school. In just a matter of days, both boys will be back at school.

It would be wrong to say I am not worrying about this massive change in routine, because I am, but after several years I now feel a little bit more prepared about it and feel better able to help Tom with this transition.

I thought I would share with you some of the things that have worked for me in the past, and will hopefully work again.

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The visual timetable is a must. We have been quietly crossing off each day that passes throughout the holidays with a big red cross. It is still hard to believe only a few weeks are left. This has been stuck on to the fireplace ever since Tom broke up from school. Being able to see how many days are left is a big help to him.

School uniform is fantastic as it never changes (well hopefully it doesn’t) so I have no worries there. I do though try to buy the same shoes for Tom so he feels comfortable in them.

I am going to take him when it is a little quieter next week. Just to let you know Clarks offer a fitting service that you can pre-book at quiet times, just to make the whole process that little less traumatic.

Talk about school. I try to talk about school, and that school will be starting again soon, just to help preempt this fact.

If you are buying new lunch boxes, water bottles etc, perhaps ask your little one to help choose them with you. Just let them get used to them, the feel of them and how they open and close the box. This will cause less stress on their first day back at school.

If you can, try and gradually bring the time of going to bed nearer to that of when at school. This will help your child to slowly get back into their ‘normal’ sleep pattern.

Finally try not to worry. All you can do is help to prepare your child the best you can.

On the day they return to school, make sure you do something nice. Go for a coffee, read a book or meet friends. Good luck.