Go on, give me a quick wink

There are times when you just can't stop a sly smile creeping across your face.

Thursday, 16th March 2017, 10:07 am
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 11:04 am
It's right next to the steering wheel, use it!

And one those happened last week when the boss was complaining about motorists who refuse to use their indicators.

Nothing funny in the complaint, but more than a little amusement in the fact that it was made by someone who drives one of those German saloon cars well-known for not actually having indicators which function.

It is a topic I have banged on about before and it is one of the few things that actually makes me shout out loud at other road users, usually complaining that mind-reading was not on the syllabus when I went to school.

Apart from the sheer number of accidents and near misses this lazy, selfish practice causes there is another reason it drives me mad.

And that comes when I am using the road as anything other than a motorist.

It would appear these days that most motorists, in a sample survey I have carried out over several walks recently, don’t believe that they need to tell anyone other than other drivers what they are up to.

That means I can stand close to a junction for ages while out walking the dog, walking by myself or running.

I might be waiting to cross a side street but daren’t until there is no car in sight for 100 yards or more.

Step out into the junction when it appears to be safe doesn’t count. Some lunatic will surely appear and turn into the junction without thinking that I need to know.

Then comes the rollicking from the driver who often reacts angrily when I point to the indicator stalk in their cars and suggest they might think about using them.

To some, clearly, letting anyone other than another motorist have a clue what is going on has never occurred to them ... they clearly didn’t have my mate Bert as their driving instructor. Because of him, I would put my indicators on if I was the only person within 100 miles.

Giving everyone a “wink” really is a force of habit.