GEOFF CRAMBIE: Foulridge Res - or Lake Burwain - in the 1940s

This week our column picture is an excellent evocative 1940s view of the picturesque Lake Burwain. Known locally to all as “Foulridge Res”, this vast expanse of water can, when full, hold around 37,300,500 gallons.

Note on our superb scene, the picnicking family on the left going down to the water’s edge for a paddle, as in the background is the mighty Pendle Hill and Blacko Tower, built in the year of 1890.

I have known the Foulridge Reservoir all my life; back in the 1940s my dear Mum and Dad would take me for picnics with 3d bags of crisps and bottles of Tizer. Later, in the 1950s, I would go fishing with Mick Crabtree and Allan Lister for perch, roach and bream.

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The 1960s saw courting days with my dear wife-to-be, Ruth, as we strolled round the res. on hot summer nights.

Now to the 1970s when Ruth and I would take our children, Shaun and Janette, for days to remember in the sun by Lake Burwain.

It’s the 1980s and my much-missed, late friend and colleague John Jackson and myself work on a series of features on “The Mysterious Reservoir”.

Now to the 1990s and with our grandson, Nathan, Ruth and myself have happy days by the res. with picnics and blackberrying.

So to the 2000s and now Nathan’s fishing as we watch the huge herons fly over us.

Now we arrive to the present day which sees me and Ruth enjoying the scenery and wildlife as we both ramble round our iconic and fascinating Foulridge Res.