Do I care who steps into Brucie’s ‘Strictly’ shoes?

Not being the biggest watcher of television programmes these days, apart from news, sport, historical documentaries and teatime quizzes such as “Pointless” and “Eggheads”, Mr Pendle does not take that much notice as to who is presenting the programme.

Sir Bruce Forsyth. Photo: Ian West/PA Wire
Sir Bruce Forsyth. Photo: Ian West/PA Wire

But he is aware there has been something of a kerfuffle – at least in the morning newspaper of Mr Pendle’s choosing – in recent weeks over who will take over from Bruce Forsyth following his retirement from “Strictly Come Dancing”.

We have even told who the viewers would like to see fill his shoes, and how some are said to be disappointed that one celebrity has been chosen, another has turned the role down or a third is about to be offered it.

Just how the people writing these Phil Space stories can claim to know what the viewers want has always been a mystery to Mr Pendle.

Nobody has ever canvassed his opinion, and he has never even thought of writing letters to television bosses to tell them who he would like to see on a show.


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And he knows of no one who has been asked or written letters on the subject either.

And, at the end of the day, does it really matter all that much?

As far as Mr Pendle is concerned, the ability of the presenters to do the job expected of them, be they two men, two women or one of each gender, is what matters, and speculation as to who might step into Brucie’s shoes is tedious and tiresome.