Do Facebook users lead very sad lives?

It would appear someone, somewhere has had a reality check and realised social media is one of the most overused, overhyped phenomena of recent years.

Facebook icon displayed on a laptop. Photo: Martin Keene/PA Wire
Facebook icon displayed on a laptop. Photo: Martin Keene/PA Wire

New research has revealed more and more people are becoming fed up with pointless Facebook messages and photos left online by friends and colleagues.

Figures seen by Mr Pendle show the average number of 34 messages were sent in a day by regular Facebook users.

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Thirty-four messages a day?

What on earth were they all on about?

And given that Mr Pendle and his friends are not connected to the network and choose to tell people their latest news by more conventional methods, such as talking to one another, it means some people are sending a lot more than the average number.

What a sad, sad existence they must lead – an existence that was hammered home to Mr Pendle the other day when he visited his doctor in Trawden and, while waiting to be seen, was the only one of five patients not tip tapping at a mobile keyboard, and this in spite of notices requesting such appliances be switched off in the surgery.

It was further exemplified that evening when he visited one of his watering holes in Colne and saw two young women at the same table, each with keyboard in hand, and not a word passed between them for the best part of half an hour. What could they have been up to?

As Mr Pendle says, how very, very sad.