Claim cash to stay warm this winter

Many constituents are concerned about the cost of heating their home this winter.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change is encouraging, as I am too, to try to take advantage of some of the help on offer to lower energy bills and have warmer homes. Last winter the Government announced it was giving customers up to £50 off their energy bills which included a direct £12 rebate via electricity bills. Until November 23rd, suppliers will send customers information on how to receive the rebate. I encourage everyone to look out for this.

Wednesday saw an important business meeting I chair in Parliament with Secretary of State Vince Cable. We talked about the industrial strategy and how far our country has come in the last few years. I was pleased to talk about success and change in Burnley.

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I attended a very moving service in Parliament on Wednesday for a young man who used to work as a researcher for another Liberal Democrat MP. He was killed in a helicopter accident in Afghanistan in April and this was the opportunity for Parliament to remember him and his sacrifice serving our country. It is a stark reminder of the incredible work our Armed Forces do.

In Burnley I attended a council meeting discussing the issue of the travellers’ sites. I am still being contacted by constituents and am doing all I can to raise their concerns appropriately. We also has discussions about the development of Glebe Street, following the demolition of the community centre. It is incredible to me that there was such urgency to demolish a community asset but yet, months on, the land is still unsold. Many constituents have expressed to me that it was wrongly demolished and could have served the community for a lot longer.

On Friday at the 110 Club I auctioned tea for two on the terrace at Parliament and was delighted it raised £210 to help provide services for disabled children. I also received £2000 from the golf club so we can buy the final piece of equipment to be used with the scanner - a kidney probe. I thank my dedicated team and lovely people of Burnley for ensuring we made our £60,000 target in 15 months.