Chocolate biscuits and a chat with Lawson

Months ago we arranged an exclusive live session with the brilliant Lawson for my radio show on The Bay. However, as we are still rebuilding our studios after the floods, we had to tell the lads we were not able to facilitate a live performance, which is a real shame.

Darren Milby, presenter with The Bay radio, with Faye Bowness in the studio on St George's Quay.
Darren Milby, presenter with The Bay radio, with Faye Bowness in the studio on St George's Quay.

Being the top blokes they are, the band came in anyway for a few chocolate biscuits and a natter.

Andy Brown, Ryan Fletcher, Joel Peat and Adam Pitts have put graft in the old-fashioned way. Their new single ‘Money’ was written years ago back in the days when they used to drive around skint, gigging and sleeping on each other’s sofas. Lead singer Andy told me: “We used to turn up to gigs and there were like four people there and we had no money. We love playing to the big venues now but we cherish looking back at those days. It was like our apprenticeship in a way.

“We learned by our mistakes. We had highs and lows and it prepared us for what was to come.”

Lawson released their debut album ‘Chapman Square’ in 2012. That album produced huge chart hits such as ‘When She Was Mine’ and ‘Taking Over Me.’ The album was certified gold in the UK and allowed them to perform headline tours and support Robbie Williams and Bruce Springsteen.


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Their long-awaited second album is finally finished and is due out in the summer. Ryan told me, “The music industry changes so quickly. We released our first single four and half years ago and even in that time the industry is a different place. You don’t how the record will do, whether the fan base is still there. No one is ever safe so it’s a petrifying time releasing a new record.”

The boys recorded the album in Nashville, although don’t go expecting country twangs. Adam loved working there. “In the studio we were in Kings of Leon were also there recording as was Jack white, Maroon 5 and James Bay. We were surrounded by rock and roll royalty.”

Lawson’s new single ‘Money’ is out and March and that long awaited second album is out in the summer.