Can a leopard change its spots? | Rebecca Jane

My name is Rebecca, and a bit like Matt Hancock, over the last few weeks I’ve done a few things wrong.
Rebecca JaneRebecca Jane
Rebecca Jane

Hancock brought a whole new meaning to his ‘hands, face, space’ motto by groping his aide and allegedly having an affair. As for me, upon his request, I sent images to a footballer.

A man who is married, with four children. In the beginning it didn’t really dawn on me what I was doing.

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Almost any woman over the age of 30 had a crush on the England footballer from their teenage years, and I was flattered by the attention.

When things became a little more serious, I backed out. I made a catalogue of errors in this whole situation.

I sent photographs to a married man. I shouldn’t have done that. I should have kept communications platonic. I’ve heard a lot of people tell me over the past couple of weeks that ‘you were the single one, it wasn’t your responsibility’.

I think in my subconscious I believed that too, at the time. Looking at it now, I had a moral duty to just be a decent person and not cross that line with someone who is married. But ultimately, I should have kept the communication between ourselves, because speaking to other people led to the story ending up on the front of a national newspaper.

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For the avoidance of doubt, I didn’t ‘sell the story’ and I certainly haven’t been ‘paid for it’!

Being a trustworthy person has always been a value I am incredibly passionate about.

I can see how the conversations I had with friends around this time, and how they ended up in a newspaper could make people lose a degree of trust in me.

I know it will take a long time for people to restore that trust in me, and that’s a hefty price to pay. I don’t deserve or want sympathy, I simply state the facts so people can understand my thought process.

Ultimately, this whole episode will make me a better human eventually, I’m only sorry for the people who were hurt in the process.

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