Boris Johnson needs to stop insulting our intelligence | Burnley Council leader Afrasiab Anwar

After revelations of yet another downing street party during lockdown, the Prime Minister insincerely apologised in the House of Commons for attending what he thought was a work event.

Thursday, 13th January 2022, 3:45 pm
Updated Thursday, 13th January 2022, 5:29 pm
Burnley Council leader Afrasiab Anwar

The excuse is laughable but to further insult our intelligence, he won't know if he broke his own rules until the findings of the investigation by Sue Gray.

The Prime Minister is taking us all for fools and as we recently saw, literally laughing at us.

In May 2020 when people in Burnley and Padiham were following the rules, the Prime Minister was breaking them.

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While we were completely isolated from family and friends and coming to terms with restrictions introduced by his government, he was attending parties.

To make matters worse this wasn’t even a one off, it is evident that there was a culture of one rule for us and another for them and he has misled parliament time and time again.

There were many people in Burnley and Padiham at the height of the pandemic who lost loved ones and couldn't attend their funerals or be with them during their final moments.

People were making the impossible decision of which ten family members or friends could attend the funeral of a relative.

Many unable to visit or hold the hand of frail elderly members of the family in care homes.

The Muslim community were told they would not be allowed to celebrate Eid with their families with just a few hours' notice.

They followed the rules because it was the right thing to do to stop the spread of the virus.

All the while, the people making the rules were breaking them.

The MP had the opportunity to represent his constituents at PMQs yesterday, like he so often claims to, instead he chose to ignore what was going on around him.

He let down the residents of Burnley and Padiham, just as he has done on previous occasions on issues that really matter.

What the MP should have been asking is how could the Prime Minister fail to grasp that the rules he helped shape also applied to him and his staff?

Key workers up and down the country were working around the clock protecting others, saving lives.

Why were Downing street staff more deserving of a party?

Those defending the actions of the Prime Minister or like the Burnley MP turning a blind eye to protect their own position are damaging the trust the public have in all politicians and public servants.

After the Dominic Cummings, Matt Hancock and Allegra Stratton affairs you would think this is the end of the road.

But as has become the custom with this Prime Minister and this government, no doubt somebody else will take the fall.