Back to school marks the end of ‘summer’

Many people, especially parents of school aged children, see the return to school following the holidays as the end of summer.

By John Halewood-Dodd
Tuesday, 25th August 2015, 12:28 pm
Summer days on the beach
Summer days on the beach

This year I feel as though we could argue it is difficult to see something ending when it has never really started.

By that I am, of course, referring to the terrible weather we’ve had this “summer.”

There are a couple of weeks or so before the autumn term starts, but many children would prefer it if it was months away.

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John Halewood Dodd

It can be extremely daunting to start a new academic year.

This is heightened if starting a new school, or attending school for the first time.

I am unable to remember my first day at primary school although my mother would often recall her memories of that time.

Apparently, most kids were reluctant to enter the schoolyard and were clinging to their mother’s legs with many in tears. I, on the other hand, was off like a shot to join the older kids playing football without a backwards glance.

My mum suggests this is a good example of me being confident from an early age.

If I had bothered to look back, I would have seen her in floods of tears.

Not because she was upset that her first born was now going to school, but rather tears of joy as she would get some respite from my incessant chattering.

I’m sure she missed me really as it is the significant milestones such as your child’s first day at school that makes you realise just how quickly they grow up.

This autumn term sees my youngest child, Harry, start secondary school, whereas my oldest child, Sasha, sets out on her career as a primary school teacher.

I find it hard to believe they are each at these stages of their respective lives.

I hope they adapt well to their new surroundings and pray both do well.

However, unlike the British weather they can predict that they will receive a warm reception from me regardless of how they do as long as they do their best.