AS I SEE IT: UFO sightings, alien life forms - the truth is out there

SCIENCE is a magical thing. Do you know why? Because nobody can tell you what’s right or wrong ... its your personal opinion.

I don’t believe outer space can be so big, it’s just so hard to imagine, and I think that’s why people have trouble trying to get their heads around it, including me. Space, outer space, galaxies, the universe ... it’s just so hard to think about.

Do you believe in aliens? Do you believe in life on other planets? As for me, I don’t want to know someone else’s opinion, I just want to know the real truth, but I don’t think I will ever know, not even in a few years or decades to come.

There have been so many “reported sightings” of aliens, and apparently it is claimed NASA have known all along we have never been alone.

I don’t understand how people just cannot be bothered and don’t really care about whether we are alone or whether there are ”unidentified flying objects” out there.


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In my opinion there are aliens and always have been, even before human beings existed. Although I don’t think they are the stereotypical “aliens” like we see in a movie, or how people have portrayed them as “little green men”. But even believing they are real, how would they manage to build such UFOs that can travel the whole universe?

There must be somewhere where they land and have grown to learn how to build things just like we have. So they can’t be all that different to human beings as we might think they are, can they?

Aliens are an unidentified species, we don’t know how they act, how they’ve evolved, or anything about them. I think that outside of our galaxy there are so many more galaxies and, like sciencists have explained, the universe is constantly growing. Given all that, I think “aliens” are everywhere, in almost every universe, and they have their own planets and own way of living.

But then the question would be, why haven’t they made a proper appearance? An appearance where scientists can examine the thing we refer to as an “alien”?


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I know it’s a very difficult subject to relate to, and to write about, because the answer to all of the rhetorical questions I have asked is really that nobody knows, and I don’t think anybody will ever know for years and years to come.

Over the years gone by, scientists have made predictions, people have made judgements and some have apparently experienced sightings. Maybe they are false, maybe it’s their imagination or maybe it’s the truth. The evidence that aliens do exist seems overwhelming. Abductions here and there, sightings are everywhere and there are lots of alien pictures scattered all over the internet.

On balance I think there is too much information out there to not believe in aliens any more, and I believe, like NASA said “we have never been alone”.

Rebecca Rushworth