Are these the worst drivers you have encountered?

Mr Pendle’s colleague, Edward Lee, told in his “Straight Talking” column in this newspaper of the “idiot” drivers who he sees exceed the speed limit in Barden Lane on the Fence-Burnley boundary.
Travelling at speed.  PA photo: David Davies.Travelling at speed.  PA photo: David Davies.
Travelling at speed. PA photo: David Davies.

Now without wishing to trump Edward’s hand, Mr Pendle believes he has witnessed a worse case scenario – one which left him shaken but, unlike James Bond’s martini, stirred as well.

As he drove home along Leeds Road, Nelson, from a council meeting the other evening, Mr Pendle slowed down as he approached the mini-roundabout at the top of Reedyford Road.

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As he did so, he was overtaken by a car which did not bother to slow down but drove straight over the top of the mini-roundabout.

Mr Pendle would estimate the driver’s speed to be in excess of 50mph.

He had not fully recovered from the shock when he was overtaken again by not one, but two more cars again travelling at well over the speed limit chasing their leader.

As they sped off, Mr Pendle noticed they did the same thing at the two mini-roundabouts at the bottom of Walton Lane.

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The speeds they were travelling at meant that if they had collided with anything or anyone, the results would have been catastrophic.

Edward might consider Barden Lane’s drivers idiots, but after what Mr Pendle witnessed, he believes that describing the drivers he encountered in the same way would be paying them a compliment.

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