A rebellion in Burnley? | Rachel Bayley

The past 12 months or so have made many of us reflect on what we want from life and for some of Burnley’s residents, that may be taking the plunge and setting up their own business.

Tuesday, 15th June 2021, 3:45 pm

Whether they’ve been made redundant from a previous role and are taking the opportunity to use their skills to their advantage and becoming self-employed, or if it’s always been a dream, many people are ready for the next challenge.

For those of you who are looking to do just that, The Rebel Business School is being hosted in Burnley for the very first time.

So, what is it? It’s an alternative way of starting a business through its free courses, which show you practical ways to launch your idea, as well as a new way of thinking.

Burnley Brand Manager Rachel Bayley

It’s completely free to attend, although whilst hosted in Burnley and fully funded through Burnley Council, it is going to be an online event.

The Rebel Business School is also for those who may already run their own company but who want to take it to the next level.

Since it’s online and free, what are you waiting for? You can sign up by heading over to https://events.popupbusinessschool.co.uk/BurnleyJune2021

The Burnley event will be led by successful entrepreneurs who will share their journeys and point you in the right direction to hopefully achieving your self-employed dream.

Burnley Council’s chief executive, Mick Cartledge said: “Burnley Borough Council is making this investment for local people who are considering launching their own business.

"We consider it a great coup for our borough, as the 'pop-up' business school has never been held in Lancashire before. I’d encourage anyone who is interested in launching their own business to find out more.”

In good company

For those of you who are already self employed or are looking to head down that path, you’re in good company. I'm often asked what sectors there are in Burnley and the answer is lots!

We have an innovative and varied industry here and the presence of some may just surprise you.

Did you know....

* We're the 2nd most successful UK town for digital jobs growth?

* We're 1st for the % of industry made up of manufacturing?

*Bafta-winning sound tech is made right here in Burnley's AMS Neve?

* We have a 37-acre aerospace and engineering hub at Innovation Drive?

* We have two sources of university courses available at Burnley College and University of Central Lancashire?

* Logistics giants such as the famous Fagan & Whalley Ltd and Boohoo Group PLC are...you guessed it, right here in Burnley.

Burnley has a great entrepreneurial spirit about it, and everyone just rolls up their sleeves and gets on with things.

I’m looking forward to seeing how our sectors grow and I’ll be keeping an eye out for any exciting new companies that are launched over the next year or so.

If you decide to take part in The Rebel Business School, the best of luck!