Beer blog: Moorhouse’s Witch Hunt ticks all the seasonal boxes

Moorhouses Brewery
Moorhouses Brewery

I think it is appropriate and timely, at this time of year, to highlight one of Moorhouse’s Hallowe’en Beers.

The Burnley brewer always serves up a spellbinding selection, over the Hallowe’en period and beyond.

The Witch Hunt ticks all the boxes for me. A most robust, full-bodied and flavoursome beverage.

Golden in colour, it has a delightful floral, mild zest aroma and white fluffy head. The taste is moderately sweet and malty – and there is a nice,consistent fruity (apricots for me) flavour on the palate.

This smooth, deep flavoursome bitter, will be available tonight and throughout the weekend, at the Moorhouse’s Beer Festival, at its brewery on Accrington Road.

More than 20 ales will be available at this well-run event and, of course, it will be on the bar, at many hostelries in the locality.

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