AS I SEE IT: Europe and immigrants benefit as English go ‘soft in head’

The more I read the papers and listen to people, the more I have come to the conclusion we English are becoming soft in the head at an alarming rate.

Over the past few weeks I have read in local and national papers the following examples of going soft in the head.

It was announced that, due to the vast increase in fuel/heating bills, 25,000-plus old and infirm will die this coming winter, with a possible 40,000 more at risk.

Now this is when we are dishing out millions a day to an unelected European dictatorship, which even now wants the UK government to add an extra 2% on VAT that will go direct to the pay chest of the EU (taking it to 22%) simply due to the fact they in the EU are running out of money fast.

So they want their blood money fast while our poor old generation has to die so we can t pay for it all.

Are we daft or what?

Also there are reports that seven out of every 10 new jobs created here in the UK are taken by foreigners while the young are condemned to a lifetime on the dole.

We in the Ribble Valley are up in arms about the continuing destruction of our beautiful countryside by greedy landowners and more greedy developers who are after making millions in profit on building over our pleasant land, come what may.

Let’s be truthful now, all the objections will fall on deaf ears. Just look at who will benefit from all this?

It’s the big businesses and rich landowners, who happen to contribute to this present Government’s coffers, so is it any wonder all objections will fail, especially if the local council is run by the present Government’s lackeys.

We are told we need more affordable housing (what a laugh that lie is). It now appears most affordable/council/association housing goes to foreigners from outside the UK/EU borders, with a staggeringly low 17% going to UK-born citizens.

Migration Watch UK have announced up to 415,000 council/association houses will have to be built at a cost of one billion pounds over the next few decades just to house the influx of immigrants, with the indigent people of this land pushed to the back of the queue.

So with all that do you not agree that we English are getting soft in the heads or not?