A rare photo of Colne’s NUR Club

N.U.R CLUB: Primet Bridge, Colne, 1964. (S)
N.U.R CLUB: Primet Bridge, Colne, 1964. (S)
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In my Christmas column, I mentioned the legendary NUR Club, which stood on Primet Bridge for decades and, since its mention, I’ve been asked by a couple of “old Colners” if any photos of the long-gone working men’s club exist?

A search through many pictures of the Bunkers Hill area in my archive reveals just four photos of the NUR Club. So, rare indeed, and the one I’ve chosen dates back to 1964 and there in the centre of the row of shops with its outside over the entrance glass lamp is the famous Colne National Union of Railwaymen Club.

The club was primarily for railway workers’ union members, however, you could be a non-union member and be served.

The NUR Club had an extremely steep flight of steps leading up to the bar and it was down these “Little” Jackie Carradice fell in the 1950s, causing him to lose sight in one eye.

Over 50 years ago, when working as a signalman for British Railways and an NUR card holder, I went to the club quite often. It always had lots of Colne characters and when the club was demolished in 1969, “Big” Harold French lamented: “It’s like an old pal dying!”