17th Century cottages replaced by Colne Town Hall

Halstead Fold
Halstead Fold

Welcome one and all to our 17th anniversary year column.

In this week’s picture we see one of my favourite scenes of the Colne of yesteryear.

It is a Victorian look back to Colne in 1890.

And here we can see the 17th Century cottages of Halstead Fold which were soon to be demolished, to be replaced by the proud, Gothic-style town hall.

These ancient cottages built in 1649 saw 14 monarchs reign until their sad demise in the year of 1892, and lost forever was this old-world corner of Colne.

Since the demolition of Halstead Fold, many, many more once iconic places in old Colne have also disappeared.

Indeed who can remember: Bell’s Yard; Chapel Court; Dugdale Square; Gosling Yard; Holmes Place; Ludgate Circus; Maple Street; Oddies Yard; Pickles Place; Rodney Street; Vipond Place; Whitakers Square and Yorkshire Street, all today along with over 150 other street names gone forever.