Traffic lights farce in Padiham town centre

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PADIHAM has been left in the dark over “illogical” new traffic lights in the town centre.

Questions have been raised over the traffic signals in Burnley Road which have still not been switched on months after they were first installed.

County Hall engineers conceded the delay was down to location of the lights on Padiham Bridge which has caused difficulties in connecting to the electricity supply.

But now dumfounded councillors believe switching on the lights could cause traffic chaos in the town centre.

Coun. Andy Tatchell, ward councillor for Gawthorpe, described the situation as “astonishing”.

“They have had the lights bound up at the top ever since they were built. They have been there for months.

“They have put the lights there and now they find they are finding it difficult to link them up. Surely you would make sure they can be linked up first?”

He questioned the need for traffic lights at the location, saying: “Perhaps having an island there so people can cross the road doesn’t sound too bad, but why put lights up?

“It seems like they would cause more of a hold up than they would solve. You are left trying to find some sort of logic in the illogical.”

The lights were part of £300,000 highway improvements scheme around the town’s new Tesco superstore.

The traffic signals were erected on Padiham Bridge just yards from the roundabout linking Burnley Road with Lune Street.

Graeme Leathard, principal engineer at Lancashire County Council, said: “The location of the traffic lights, on the bridge on Burnley Road, makes it difficult to connect them to an electricity supply.

“We’re speaking to Electricity North West and will work together to make sure the lights are up and running as soon as possible.”

Padiham Mayor Coun. Alan Ravenscroft described the decision to build new lights at the location as “strange”.

He said: “At the moment traffic is not presenting a problem. Traffic is flowing and pedestrians are crossing safely. There are concerns that once the traffic lights are switched on there will be a problem.

“The amount of traffic that would be stopped on Burnley Road in both directions would be quite horrendous.” He added: “We want to invite the county council down and have a look at whether there is a need for the traffic lights to be brought into use. It’s a case of ‘if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.’”