Scaffolders make citizens’ arrest

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Quick-thinking scaffolders made a citizens’ arrest on a teenage boy they suspected of stealing a mobile phone and equipment from their van.

The incident happened in Norfolk Avenue, Padiham, on Wednesday lunchtime when the four workers from Accrington-based Mitchell Scaffolding were working on houses on behalf of Calico.

Scaffolder John Scrivens said: “We were up on the scaffold when a neighbour shouted and said she’d seen a young lad in our van.

“We had a look round and found three teenage boys in Malvern Avenue, just around the corner.

“We cornered them so they couldn’t run away and called the police. There was an iPhone, drill and around £20 in cash stolen, none of which have been recovered.

“It is pretty sickening to think you can’t do a day’s work without stealing your belongings.”

Police confirmed they arrested a 14-year-old boy from Padiham on suspicion of stealing from a motor vehicle.