‘Plug pulled’ on boating lake in popular park

Thompson park boating lake burnley drained
Thompson park boating lake burnley drained

Visitors to an Edwardian-era park in Burnley may be wondering who pulled the plug on the popular boating lake.

The Thompson Park lake was reduced to just a puddle leaving families walking past scratching their heads.

Thousands of visitors flock to the 1930s park every year and workers were carrying out repairs on the three-acre lake as Burnley gears up for a sizzling summer. A spokesman for Burnley Council said: “It has been drained for annual maintenance ready for the re-opening in Spring.

“Work is being done to repair and replace the timber boards around the boating deck and bridge. Car tyres around the edge are also being looked at which stop the boats 
from being damaged.

“It is regular maintenance which allows us to carry out repairs and refurbishments ahead of what we hope will be a hot summer with lots of visitors to the park.”

The Ormerod Road park, which has Green Flag status, retains most of its original features which includes the lake, Italian Gardens, ranger centre and playground.

The boating lake and paddling pool are the main 
attraction for visitors and are the only ones in the 
whole borough.