Huge lorry stuck on Cliviger wind farm test

This was the dramatic moment a 50m lorry got stuck on a narrow bend during a test run for the installation of new giant turbines at a wind farm in Cliviger.

The practice, on Tuesday lunchtime, by Scottish Power Renewables, saw the wagon run into difficulties as it attempted to negotiate the bend in Red Lees Road at the junction with Greencliffe Lane just after noon. The route will be used by the energy giant to transport the turbines, which will stand at 110m high, to Coal Clough Wind Farm.

Lorry gets stuck in Cliviger

Lorry gets stuck in Cliviger

Residents who campaigned vigorously against the proposals stood on the street to watch as the driver, who was accompanied by a police escort due to the sheer size of the vehicle, struggled to negotiate the narrow bend. After several minutes the trailer on the wagon was compressed to allow it to manoeuvre out of the village.

Now villagers said their initial fears surrounding the impact on the community, traffic problems and safety have been confirmed.

But bosses at Scottish Power Renewables insisted the test run was designed to identify and iron out such problems.

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