Fraudsters target Burnley wheelie bins for info

Rubbish at Ightenhill (s)
Rubbish at Ightenhill (s)
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RESIDENTS in Ightenhill have been warned to be vigilant as their rubbish bins have been rummaged through for possible fraud.

For the last few weeks, wheelie bins have been tipped over and emptied and items taken to the lit area between Brunel Street and Brassey Street and then inspected.

rubbish at Ightenhill (s)

rubbish at Ightenhill (s)

It’s believed people could be trying to find bank statements and financial documents to commit possible fraud.

“I have noticed that our bins have been tipped out on each collection day for the past three weeks,” said one resident.

“It began on a small scale with a few bins but has now intensified.

“It’s not just Brunel Street and Brassey Street but there are items from bins from further afield such Arkwright Street, Watt Street, Stephenson Drive, Padiham Road and other areas.

“The people responsible appear to be using the light in the backstreet between Brunel Street and Brassey Street to go through the waste looking for personal information which could possibly used to commit fraud.

“The rest of rubbish is then just strewn across the back street.

“People need to be vigilant and completely destroy all personnel documents.

The incident has been reported both to Burnley Police and Burnley Borough Council and anyone worried may wish to consult their banks and financial instiutions to make them aware and implement any security procedures.