Fan’s warning after beer can ‘rat poo’ shock

Sam Rushton's Stella can (S)
Sam Rushton's Stella can (S)
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  • Horror at vermin faeces find on Stella Artois can
  • Drinker woke up with ‘dicky tummy’
  • Tesco does not have ‘pest issue’ and investigates claims

Clarets fan Sam Rushton is warning fellow supporters to be wary of drinking to the team’s health after discovering animal droppings on a can of his favourite tipple.

Sam was celebrating Burnley’s win over Manchester City with a few lagers and a takeaway as he watched repeats of Red Nose Day when he made the gruesome discovery.

“After drinking a few cans of Stella Artois I went to pick another up only to discover that, to my horror, there appeared to be faeces on the can,” he said.

“Luckily I was able to tear my eyes away from the television long enough to notice vermin filth atop my favourite beverage.”

He investigated his findings with a black light, and was even more horrified to discover that his other cans bought from Tesco were also soiled.
“I was so aghast with absolute disgust I couldn’t laugh at the Red Nose Day antics any longer, and didn’t donate,” he said.

Sam’s feelings did not improve with the light of dawn. He says he woke with a dicky tummy, and spent an uncomfortable day. “It was not how I would have chosen to remember Burnley’s historic win,” he said.

When he felt well enough he contacted Tesco to voice his concerns,

“I think people should be aware that their groceries may have had rats running over them at some point,” he said. “It’s also highly likely that anyone else who had purchased these cans recently has also ingested a cocktail of rat urine and faeces along with their beer.”

A spokesman for Tesco said: “We have extremely high standards for the safety and quality of the products on our shelves. We do not have a pest issue at the store. We’ve asked Mr Rushton to return the product so we can conduct a full investigation – we will update him accordingly”.