Drugs suspect locked up until he goes to the loo!

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A 29-year-old man has been remanded in custody – until he goes to the toilet.

A court heard that during a body search officers noticed a polythene bag concealed in the suspect’s anus which he then “pushed beyond reach”.

And prosecutors utilised a little used piece of legislation to ensure he will be under constant observation until nature takes its course and the bag emerges.

Mike Wallbank (prosecuting) at Blackburn Magistrates applied for Fahzeer Hussain to be remanded to police custody for up to 192 hours under Section 152 of the Criminal Justice Act 1988. Mr Wallbank said the polythene bag could not be recovered without an intimate search. “He has refused permission for that search,” said Mr Wallbank. “Clearly drugs have been concealed and it is a case of waiting until nature takes its course. In the meantime he will be kept under close police supervision.” Mark Williams (defending) said he couldn’t oppose the application.“He is charged with an appropriate offence which allows the court to remand him to the police for up to eight days.”

Mr Wallbank said that depending on the outcome there would be an obligation to bring Hussain back to court as soon as possible.

“He will be brought back to court with or without further charges depending what happens in the interim,” said Mr Wallbank. Hussain, of Whalley Street, Burnley, faces charges of conspiring to supply cocaine, heroin and cannabis.