Chimney draughts to cost thousands of local Rrsidents around £50 as winter draws near

Sally Phillips, Managing Director of Chimney Sheep Limited
Sally Phillips, Managing Director of Chimney Sheep Limited
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Figures released today show that with winter drawing near, as many as 18,863 households in Burnley risk losing around £50 pounds per year in wasted heat disappearing up unused chimneys in their property.

On average, 80 cubic metres of precious warm air escapes each hour through a typical chimney when it is not in use. However, there are a number of simple, cheap, and easy to use techniques that can address this problem and save hundreds of pounds per household.

Sally Phillips, Managing Director of Chimney Sheep Limited, who commissioned the analysis, said, ‘People often spend thousands of pounds on expensive measures to save energy and keep out draughts, including features like double glazing and cavity wall insulation. However, they often overlook the simple fact that an unused chimney is effectively a large hole in the roof. Blocking that hole has an instant effect. What’s more, it’s very cost effective; a simple product like ours only costs around £25 but saves around £50 per year, every year of its life. The product is made from the wool of a particular local breed of Lakeland sheep, hence our name’.

* The figures are based on analysis that maps the government’s estimate of the total number of houses across England with chimneys against the population in Burnley.