Burnley mum offered son (16) spliff for feeding cannabis crop

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A MUM growing cannabis for cash expected her teenage son to feed the crop – and have a “spliff” for his troubles, a court heard.

Jane Allman (39) sent texts referring to the teenager, saying she didn’t ask for much, but expected him to do that. She said he could have one spliff.

Allman, who has never been in trouble before, walked free from court, but left with a judge’s words ringing in her ears after she was rebuked for her actions.

Judge Jonathan Gibson told the defendant, who had been cultivating 18 plants at her Burnley home: “You involved your 16-year-old son and that’s a seriously aggravating factor. You could have placed him in jeopardy, he himself could have been in very serious trouble, and you should reflect on that.”

Allman, of Cog Lane, Burnley, admitted producing cannabis. She was given nine months in jail, suspended for 18 months, with 120 hours’ unpaid work. She will face a proceeds of crime investigation.

Mr Stephen Parker (prosecuting) said police raided Allman’s home in January. They found the 18 plants, at various stages of growth, in a bedroom. About eight of them were 18in. high and the other 10 were 10in. tall. They also discovered three transformers and halogen lights.

In the kitchen, officers discovered nutrient solutions, PH testers and regulators and other sorts of growth agents.

A forensic scientist recovered 6.5g of cannabis from two of the plants, but was unable to speculate the potential yield from the crop.

The prosecutor said the defendant’s mobile phone was examined and there were references to her son and in particular her asking him to tend the plants.

Allman told police when the drugs were grown, she was going to give them to somebody for money.

Mr Philip Holden (defending) said: “There is definitely a commercial element to it, but it is at the bottom end of the scale.”