Burnley ‘miracle baby’ Hope turns 13

Hope Dickinson
Hope Dickinson

A Burnley girl who was hailed a little miracle after she was born 14 weeks premature weighing less than a bag of sugar is celebrating becoming a teenager today.

Hope Dickinson captured the hearts of people across town when the Express reported on her premature birth in 2001.

She was born 26 weeks into her mum Tamsin’s pregnancy and weighed just 1lb. 11oz. Her parents were told the tiny tot had only a 30% chance of survival but, 13 years on, Hope, who lives in Rosegrove, is continuing to thrive.

She is doing well at Shuttleworth College in Padiham and Tamsin said the whole family is “incredibly proud” of her.

She celebrated her 13th birthday with a party for friends at the home of her dad Steven, who also lives in Rosegrove, and her mum has organised a trip for next weekend to Go Ape.

Tamsin (34) said: “She was born 14 weeks early and we were told she had a 30% chance of survival. She’s a little small but she hasn’t had any health problems because of being born prematurely. It’s amazing. Of all the things that could have gone wrong, nothing did.

“Both me and her dad are incredibly proud of her.”

Hope has just returned from a school trip to Paris and has just chosen music and drama as her GCSE options.

It is an achievement her parents thought they may never see.

Hope, who has an older brother Liam and older sister Charlotte (18), was born at Hope Hospital in Salford where she spent seven weeks before being transferred back to Burnley General for a further five weeks.

Tamsin added: “The hospital are very blunt with you when they tell you what can happen.

“You just keep those things at the back of your head, you don’t ever want anything like that to happen but when it doesn’t happen you’re so relieved.”