Burnley man finds Olympic golden ticket in bar of chocolate

GOLDEN TICKET: Bill Hedley, off to the Olympics
GOLDEN TICKET: Bill Hedley, off to the Olympics
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LUCKY Bill Hedley struck gold when he bit into a sneaky bar of chocolate.

Surveyor Bill was, technically, on a diet, but he tasted Olympic success when he took a mouthful of his Wispa bar.

He was surprised to discover a thin, ticker-tape like golden ticket – and even more stunned when he was told it was the key to a five star trip to the London Olympics, with seats for some of the best events at the games.

“It’s a wonder I didn’t eat it”, said Bill, of Manchester Road, Burnley. The golden ticket was about half the length of the bar, and very thin. I could have easily thrown it away.”

Bill (50) bought the bar at Kitchen’s Garage. “Wispas are my preferred chocolate bar, but I’ve got to admit I am on a diet,” he said. “I was eating one on the way home when I found the ticket.

“I was quite incredulous. Usually I don’t have that sort of luck, so even with it being gold I was expecting something like a month’s supply of cream eggs.”

Manchester City fan Bill’s prize package includes travel and accommodation for two. In August he will be whisked away for a stay at the Hilton in Paddington and Games seats including football, women’s boxing, the semi-final of women’s hockey, the mens’ and women’s final of the canoe sprint, and coveted men’s and women’s athletics finals.

“I’m just delighted, I can’t believe I won, it’s absolutely fantastic,” he said.