Burnley grandma hid heroin in hem of curtain ‘away from grandchildren’

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A HEROIN using grandma hid drugs in the hem of her curtains to keep them away from her grandchildren, a court heard.

Mother-of-five Julie Wilson (47) thought the heroin would be “out of harm’s way” wrapped in cling film in the hem.

Wilson, of Waterbarn Street, Burnley, admitted possessing heroin on January 23rd and has joined her boyfriend in a curfew at her home. He already wears a tag. She was ordered to stay indoors for four weeks, between 8 p.m. and 7 a.m. She must pay £85 costs.

Burnley magistrates were told police found seven wraps of heroin in a package in the right curtain of an upstairs bedroom. Wilson was arrested and told officers she had been taking heroin for six months. She said she had bought the drugs for £60.

Mark Williams (defending) said she had not taken heroin for several days and it was not something she felt she had difficulty leaving behind. The defendant’s eyesight was failing, she had hypertension and she had suffered from depression.

Bench chairman Mary Thomas warned the defendant to try to keep off heroin. She added: “I have never met anybody who takes heroin and has not had a problem with it.”