Beer can collector heads to Burnley from USA

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AN American beer can collector – holder of the world’s largest collection – is heading to Burnley.

Jeff Lebo has a house of beer cans – 80,000 to be exact – and is heading to Burnley as part of a global search for more tin treasures.

Armed with a “can-do” mentality, the compulsive collector from Pennsylvania will be in town on April 17th and 18th to photograph and acquire more for his collection.

He said: “British beer cans are among the most varied, innovative and beautiful of any cans in the world. I am visiting in an attempt to document all of the known cans produced in the UK.”

Jeff has documented nearly 100 different British cone top cans, which were produced from 1936 to about the mid-1950’s. He is certain that he is missing many unknown labels and variations.

Most cone top cans in the British Isles were melted down to provide steel during the Second World War, which makes them extremely rare.

Jeff added: “Also of interest are early ‘flat top’ cans, which required a special opener to get at the contents. Flat tops were produced in the British Isles from the 1940s to about 1965, after which time the ring pull was introduced.”

His website pictures many rare and unusual beer cans from around the world and he hopes to find many more examples as a result of this journey.

He has often paid $200 or more to acquire particular cans for his collection. The fanatic even has plans to go scuba diving for cans in the lochs of Scotland during his trip.

Jeff added: “Among my favourites are cans which were produced by the Metal Box Company, including the famous Tennents cans, which featured photographs of glamorous women and picturesque scenery.

“I am seeking past employees of the Metal Box Company, former brewery employees, or anyone who may have variations that I’m missing.”

If anyone in Burnley has any old, unusual beer cans lying around, and wants to contact him to arrange a personal meeting they can email through his website or call 001-717-577-8327.