VIDEO: Shocking footage shows men giving drugs to hamster

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A video has been released from animal welfare charity, RSPCA, of two men giving drugs to a hamster at a house in Lancashire.

The footage (contains strong language and scenes of an offensive nature) shows two defendants, Corey Lee Destrow, 22, of Brock Close, Lancaster and Nchinmunya Ntembe, 22, of Cypress Close, Lancaster on the video where the hamster takes the drugs.

RSPCA cruelty - Mr Chow.

RSPCA cruelty - Mr Chow.

The hamster is seen in its cage drinking fizzy drink Tizer laced with the hallucinogenic drug, LSD and then later eating a cannabis leaf.

All the defendants involved in the case have now been dealt with at court.

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An RSPCA officer has welcomed the prison sentence.