No Cold Feet for young actress Jessica in her latest TV role

Burnley schoolgirl Jessica Fay, who landed herself a role in the recent ITV smash hit comedy drama Cold Feet.
Burnley schoolgirl Jessica Fay, who landed herself a role in the recent ITV smash hit comedy drama Cold Feet.
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A child actress from Burnley stole the hearts of fans of ITV's flagship series Cold Feet.

Ten-year-old Jessica Fay appeared in the final episode of the smash hit comedy drama as the daughter of one of the main characters in the show.

And although it was only a cameo role, Jessica is waiting to hear if she will be called back for more episodes if the show is commissioned for another series.

And while her family and friends were excited to see Jessica on the show that has been running successfully for 20 years, she was quite matter of fact about it.

Her proud mum, Laura Bell, said: “We all sat down to watch the show but Jessica preferred to watch Paul O’Grady’s animal show.”

A natural in the limelight since she was a tot, Jessica has appeared on the small screen many times in a variety of children’s and adults shows. She is also a veteran of many TV adverts along with her brother Denver who is 11.

Their brothers Kyle (12), and five-year-old Taylor also love acting and modelling but Jayden (seven) shuns the limelight.

This year alone Jessica has filmed three feature films, all to be released in 2018.

But far from being a diva, Jessica is a very generous little girl and always wants to donate her earnings to charity.
This year Jessica has raised £500 for the Brain Injury Trust and an amazing £1,500 for the Make A Wish Foundation. She has also helped the Little Princess Trust by donating nine inches of her hair to the charity that makes wigs for children going through cancer treatment.

Jessica also gave 22 days of her own wages, totalling £205, in honour of the 22 victims of the Manchester terror attack in May.

Jessica first made the headlines when she constracted tthe deadly meningococcal meningitis and septicaemia when she was only three months old.

Laura, who lives with her husband Adam, said: “This is something that Jessica excels at as she often struggles at school because of her illnesses.
“But when she grows up she wants a job looking after animals.”