New recycling sacks being rolled out to homes across Burnley

The new sacks
The new sacks

New, improved white sacks for recycling paper and card are on their way to thousands of homes across Burnley borough.

The new sacks are being introduced as part of wider improvements to the way Burnley Council collects recyclable materials from homes in the borough.

In October the council introduced new ways of collecting recycling – with around half the borough moving to a wheelie bin system and the other half continuing with a blue box (for glass, cans and plastic) and white sack (paper and card) service.

Those staying on the box and sack system are getting improved white sacks that are larger than the original bags, are sealable, are weighted at the bottom and which have a carry handle.

The improved sacks are being delivered to homes over the next few weeks. Residents can also continue to use the original sacks if they wish. They can ask for extra new white sacks, for free, if they are needed.

Sean Spencer, the council’s streetscene services manager, said: “The new sacks are designed to deal with some of the issues that have been raised by residents. They’re sealable so their contents won’t escape and they’re weighted at the bottom to reduce the risk of them blowing around.

“They also hold more and the handle makes it easier to hang them up for storage and carry them around when they’re being put out for emptying.

“The new sacks will be delivered before Christmas, just in time for them to be used to collect all that extra paper and card that gets generated at that time of the year.”