New flood defences for 700 Burnley homes

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NEW flood defences are set to reduce flood risk to more than 700 properties in Fulledge.

The Environment Agency is building a new embankment at Fulledge Recreation Ground, running from the existing embankment at the south-east end of Mitella Street, around the children’s play area, tying into the higher ground at the end of Olympia Street near Thursfield Road.

The embankment will provide a reduced flood risk and greater protection from the potential effects of climate change to around 730 properties.

In order to fit in with the local landscape, the new defence will not be higher than the existing embankment and it will be finished in grass with shallow slopes. Pedestrian ramps will also be provided to ensure access is maintained to the recreation area.

Cheetham Hill Construction, working on behalf of the Environment Agency, has begun construction, which is likely to take around two months to complete and will also see improvements to Unity College flood storage basin.

Gary Hilton, Environment Agency project manager, said: “The construction of these flood defences is great news for the Fulledge community where around 730 properties will benefit from a reduced risk of flooding from the River Calder. Fortunately there hasn’t been significant flooding here for quite some time but considering the unfortunate events in other areas this summer, we’re pleased to be putting this protection in place.”