Neighbours rally to save rottweiler Tyson

PET RESCUE: Debbie Yarwood and Tina Etherington with Tyson the rescued dog BX22-06-11/1
PET RESCUE: Debbie Yarwood and Tina Etherington with Tyson the rescued dog BX22-06-11/1
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GOOD neighbours rallied round to save a dog which had been left locked in a house for days.

The residents of Dean Street, off Trafalgar Street, had been alerted to the rottweiler’s plight by its howling and whining over the weekend.

The tenant of the house, believed to be a young man, had left the house on Friday and had not been seen since.

Worried about the dog’s health, neighbours rang the RSPCA who sent an inspector on Sunday and Monday but left the dog called Tyson in the house.

Residents Tina Etherington and Margaret Walsh said: “Tyson was obviously really upset and distressed because he had been left on his own without food or water.

“We could hear him whining during the night. We couldn’t believe it when the RSPCA left him there.

“On Tuesday, we put water and food through the letterbox because we were worried he would die if he became too dehydrated.

“By late Tuesday afternoon we just couldn’t bear the thought of him being stuck in there any longer. The house stunk and he was obviously in filthy conditions. About 10 of us managed to get in and get the dog out.”

Neighbour Debbie Yarwood, who used to breed rottweilers, has taken Tyson into her care and is now looking for a responsible owner.

She said: “If we hadn’t got him out there is every chance he could have died. We are really surprised by the RSPCA’s actions.”

But a spokesman for the RSPCA said it was following its usual procedures and inspectors were not allowed to enter houses without police accompaniment.

“Our inspector visited the house and sealed the door. They returned the following day and the seal had not been broken. We place seals so we can estimate how long an animal has been left in a house. Unfortunately when the inspector returned again, neighbours had taken the dog themselves. While we appreciate the good intentions we would not advise this.”