Mystery punter wins £4m on scratchcard

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It was a case of third time very lucky for a mystery Burnley punter who struck gold by scooping £4m. – the UK’s biggest ever scratchcard win.

The man had already bought two of the Gold scratchcards at the Welcome News newsagents in Briercliffe Road when he made one final punt.

Weekend News owner Mohammed Ikram who sold the �4m winning scratchcard from his shop

Weekend News owner Mohammed Ikram who sold the �4m winning scratchcard from his shop

There have only ever been four £4m. Gold scratchcards in circulation. According to National Lottery scratchcard operators Camelot, there was a one in 4,232,860 chance of winning £4m.

And it could be the last scratchcard he ever scratches as owner Mohammed Ikram described the man’s reaction on realising he had scooped the life-changing jackpot.

“He turned a completely different colour, stayed quite calm, and then just said this is life-changing,” said Mohammed.

“The gentleman is in his 60s and is a regular customer here. He had been in the night before and bought a few scratchcards, but I said come back tomorrow because we have some new ones.

“He came back the next morning and bought one of the Gold cards which cost £10. He scratched it on the counter and asked for two more. The final one was the winner. He was so happy.”

Mr Ikram, who has previously sold another customer a £1m. winning National Lottery ticket, said the man had told him he planned to give up his job and help his family.

He added: “He is a very nice man and I am delighted he’s won. He came back on Tuesday and said he’s ordered a new car.

“The gentleman also said he wants to buy a new house but stay in the area and support his family.”