Muslim primary school rated ‘good’ in first Ofsted inspection

AN independent primary school in Pendle which opened last year has been rated as “good” in its first Ofsted inpection.

The Al-Ikhlaas Primary School, in Norfolk Street, Nelson, is a Muslim primary school catering for 31 boys and 27 girls which opened in January, 2010.

It offers all the subjects from the national curriculujm except music. which is replaced by recitations from the Qur’an.

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The report of the inspection team, headed by Mohammed Ismail, says: “Al-Ikhlaas provides a good quality of education which meets the needs of pupils and, as a result, they make good progress. The school meets its aims successfully by making good provision for pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development,

resulting in outstanding behaviour.

“The school’s provision for safeguarding pupils and ensuring their welfare, health and safety is good. The school meets all of the regulations for registration as an independent school. The overall effectiveness of the Early Years Foundation Stage is satisfactory.

“The school’s provision for basic skills is good. In addition, it offers a balanced programme of Islamic studies which includes varioussubjects, such as reading the Qur’an, a selection from the traditions of the prophet, beliefs, social and moral teachings. The school’s provision for Islamic studies prepares its pupils successfully for their future lives.

“The school offers a satisfactory provision for information and communication technology. There is a small number of computers in each classroom; they are well used but pupils’ access is hampered by the limited provision. Plans are in place to install more computers.

“The school’s provision for personal, social and health education is good. This is offered as a discrete subject as well as within the Islamic studies programme. The school provides physical education satisfactorily within its available resources.”

The inspection team recommends the school develops the curriculum by improving its ICT provision and improve the provision for its gifted and talented pupils by ensuring they are consistently presented with challenging work.