Murder accused could not recall hitting victim with candlestick, court hears

A MAN accused of murdering another male after they got together drinking has admitted having a fight, but insists he can’t remember much else.

Wayne Mackie accepted he “probably” caused Steven Sheppard’s injuries in the living room of a house in Portland Street, Colne.

When asked at Preston Crown Court if he had stamped upon, kicked or hit 47-year-old Mr Sheppard with a candlestick, he insisted he couldn’t remember.

The 40-year-old man, of Basil Street, Colne, gave evidence on Monday in his trial where he and Donna Harrison (35), of Beech Street, Padiham, deny murdering him last October.

Mackie, who was living at the address with his partner Andrea at the time, claimed Mr Sheppard had given him the evil eye when he and Donna Harrison kissed.

He described the kiss as “just one of them things” that happen when drunk. He went on to claim Mr Sheppard had gone at him.

He said: “I remember him coming at me. He took a swing at me. I don’t really remember much else. I probably jumped up.”

The defendant told the court he had been trying to remember what happened for the past four to five months.

He added: “We had just had a little set to. I was going to leave it at that. He had the candlestick and attacked me again. It just kicked off again.


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“I just remember him going for this candlestick and that was it. I accept we had a fight. I don’t remember what actually took place”.

Mackie insisted Donna Harrison had not encouraged what took place and neither had she said he deserved it because he was a paedophile. He told the court that, while he was later in shock at what had taken place, she had said he had something to do with a “paedo ring”.

When asked in particular if he had stamped on the man’s face, Mackie replied: “I haven’t got a clue”.

Mr Sheppard, from Winewall, died from head and chest injuries.


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The trial continues.